Good lord, nobody that isn’t narcissistic actually enjoys writing their own About section so I’m going to just structure it like the introduction to a college class.

Hi everybody, I’m Nate Kanuchok. I’ve been playing games since my memory began. My application to my alma mater included a short essay on how I used to play Super Mario Kart with my friends and siblings. Those red shells caused many fights — believe you me. We managed to find glitches and secrets back in the days where GameFaqs didn’t exist and you could telephone hint-lines to get tips on how to get unstuck. In a game titled Secret of Mana (Which is the inspiration for my current indie project), my brothers and I discovered a glitch wherein you could trick the game into letting you use special charge attacks far past what you had actually unlocked. Spiky tiger, you know that you were ‘that boss’,  everybody hated you, and there shouldn’t be any surprise that we fought as dirty as possible against you.

Ahem, it got away from me there for a minute. While we were always playing games, I hadn’t always thought to make them. When I was a kid I had heard about Beta Testing when Donkey Kong Country was coming out and I couldn’t believe there was an actual job where you were paid to play games. The fact that it didn’t pay a livable wage or that you played every aspect to death didn’t faze me. Eventually I realized that I’d have to find something that would actually allow me to feed myself so I joined the Air Force as a System Administrator. After 6 years, I decided to rejoin the civilians and look for a career that would be easier to raise a family in. Within a half of a year my department had been downsized and I found myself working at Wal-Mart. During that time, however, I started to attend college online at the University of Advancing Technology as a Game Programmer.

I eventually found more professional work than working in the Produce section and moved to Colorado Springs. To this day, I continue to work professionally as a System Administrator and have obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Game Programming from the Univerity of Advancing Technology. I am now trying to find a job in the game industry, but in the meantime I will pursue my goal of making the games that I wish I had when I was younger. Maybe one day I’ll inspire someone to take the same plunge I did.


– Nate Kanuchok